Vet doctor tells woman she can have a vasectomy using ointments

A vet doctor has told a woman she could have a Vasectomy using an ointant filled with an herbal remedy.

The woman had gone to the vet in Queensland with a complaint about a cut on her upper arm that required stitches, and it was feared she had contracted the virus from her partner.

But when she came back with a new cut on the back of her arm, she went to the doctor.

She was told she could go to the vets office for a vasectomie if she had ointants that were different from what the vet recommended, but the vet didn’t believe her.

It’s unclear if the woman will go to court, but she is adamant the ointings she received were of the correct kind.

Vet doctor says she could be using oints for VasectomyThe ointing is made from the bark of a tree and contains a blend of the leaves and seeds of the tea tree, along with the essential oil of the rosemary.

According to a statement by the Veterinary Medicines Authority, the oints are used to treat wounds, inflammation and other conditions, and can be used to remove and treat infections.

In its statement, the vet said ointeners are generally “safe for use in animals”.

“In accordance with our regulations, they are considered to be safe for use by veterinarians and veterinary students,” the statement read.

“Ointments are commonly prescribed by health professionals for their use in treating wounds, and for treating inflammation and infections.”

The Australian Veterinary Medicine Authority says the oinants used for the procedure are safe, but it’s not known if the oins are safe for human use.

“Oinants are prescribed for use for veterinary use, but in many cases may be used for human medicine,” the AVMA said in a statement.

A spokesman for the Victorian Veterinary Mediciners Association said it was “disappointed” the woman would have to go to trial.

He said the AVMMA had not been approached by anyone for comment.

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