The Fix: Trump has one major mistake on health care, but his other big one could be his first presidential debate

The Washington Post’s editorial board has a new message for Donald Trump: Stop being a loser.

In an editorial on Tuesday, the editorial board of The Washington Times called for a presidential debate between the Republican nominee and Democratic nominee on Nov. 9 to be held in an open forum.

“Trump is in trouble if he wants to be president.

If he can’t hold a single debate, he should withdraw from the race,” the editorial said.”

He has only one chance to stop the bleeding and stop the president’s agenda from being derailed,” the board added.

The board also said that Trump has made “several bad decisions” on health insurance, which has made it impossible for the president to win re-election in 2020.

“On the campaign trail, Trump often said he would not put up with Republican opposition to his health care plan and, for a while, even threatened to sue over the plan’s unpopularity.

But it was a long time ago.

“And Trump is now trying to win the election without the support of the public, even though it would be a disaster for his campaign and his presidency.””

In his first 100 days, Trump has refused to take his own advice on how to improve it, even as he has tried to make it worse,” the Board wrote.

“And Trump is now trying to win the election without the support of the public, even though it would be a disaster for his campaign and his presidency.”

The president also has to find a way to win back voters who are disillusioned with his handling of the economy and the economy in general.

“For a while now, it has seemed as if Trump is unable to find any ground to make up with the public,” the op-ed board wrote.

The editorial board said that even if the president manages to make a comeback, it will not help him.

“The fact that the public still feels like he hasn’t been effective in their lives, their concerns about their economic prospects, their worries about the health of the middle class, the economy’s direction, or anything else will make it impossible to make an agreement,” the paper wrote.

“It is also not a good sign that Trump’s campaign is getting less attention than his party.

This is a Republican president who needs to get back on track,” the authors added.

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