How to make the perfect co2 fill machine

A machine that allows people to mix co2 with water for the first time could help solve a major water shortage problem, according to a startup that is working on a prototype of the device. 

Co2 fills, or CO2-water condensation, are the most common type of indoor water supply system, where water flows from an outdoor tap or shower. 

Currently, they can be purchased in large quantities from specialty retailers, but CO2 filling machines are also available online, and many homes already have them. 

The solution is to mix water with a CO2 catalyst to form a gas.

The CO2 will condense and form the solid form, which is then delivered to a small opening at the bottom of the bathtub. 

“The CO2 is a great, inexpensive source of heat that will work with our water,” said Ryan Cottrell, CEO of Sibby Co2 Systems.

“But we also wanted to make sure that this solution would work in all types of homes, not just the homes that have outdoor plumbing.” 

The company’s initial device uses a “copper-plated” ceramic filter, which can hold up to 50 times the volume of CO2, and it also has a microprocessor that allows it to control the temperature of the CO2 to create the desired temperature range. 

Cottrell said the device is designed to be able to handle any kind of water, but is also ideal for those who live in older homes, as they can easily be replaced when they get older.

“It’s a great product that works for everyone, but also for the older folks who can’t use a traditional CO2 heater, because they can’t run water,” he said. 

If all goes well, Sibbys Co2 Machines will have a wide range of sizes available for homes in the U.S. that don’t have a plumbing supply, including single and two-family houses, dormitories, and small homes. 

According to Cottrill, the device will be able be used for about $50 per month, and will be available in spring 2018. 

It’s unclear how many homes will be supported with the device by Sibbys Co2, but it is expected that the company will be selling it to a wide variety of homes as the supply of CO 2 expands. 


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