New York City’s top food stamp recipients: The top 10

New York, NY—(AP)—The top 10 people on New York’s food stamp rolls have a combined annual income of $1.6 million, according to a new report released today by the nonprofit Center for American Progress.

That’s more than double the median household income in the city.

The report finds that people who receive food stamps are living in New York more than twice as often as people who don’t.

The report also finds that the share of food stamp households headed by single adults and families is growing.

That includes single women who have children, who now make up about 6% of New York households.

The share of New Yorkers living with their parents or grandparents is growing, too.

Food stamp households account for more than 70% of all New York food stamp beneficiaries, up from 49% in 2010.

They make up 17% of households with children, and the share with parents is increasing to 28%.

And for the first time ever, a majority of people on food stamps now earn less than $15,000 a year.

The poverty rate for those on food stamp benefits is 8.5%, compared to 7.9% for the general population.

The top ten most popular food stamp recipies in New Yorks food stamp population include:Fresh produce and produce-based products (such as fresh vegetables, baked goods, rice, and pasta)Fresh fruits and vegetables (fruit, vegetables, and nuts)Grocery shopping (baking goods, dried goods, and snacks)Dried meat and poultry (meat and poultry)Meat, poultry, and seafood (meat, poultry and seafood)Baked goods (cookies, spreads, and muffins)Other groceries (cookie shops, convenience stores, and specialty groceries)Soup, soups, and stews (baked goods, frozen foods, and prepared foods)Vegetables, fruit, and vegetables-based beveragesFresh fruit (fresh produce)Fresh vegetables (fresh vegetables)Greens, fruit and vegetablesParsley and mintSugar-free and sugar-free beverages, juices, and sports drinksCandy and ice creamOther sweets and candiesBeverages and alcoholic beveragesBeverage, spirits, and tobaccoOther drinks (including fruit and juices, coffee, tea, and tea-based drinks)Fresh produce (fresh fruit, vegetables and vegetables products)Fresh vegetable and fruit juicesCandy, gum, and candyCandy bar products(doughnuts, pretzels, and other candy)Candy bars and other sweetsDried fruits and dried fruits(dried fruit and fruit juice products)Cinnamon, cloves, and cinnamonStrawberry jam and other sweetenersIce cream and ice-cream productsOther candiesCandy (non-alcoholic beverages)Other snacks and dessertsOther alcoholic beveragesOther food and nonalcoholic beverage drinks(candy, sodas, soft drinks, and water, and non-alcoholial beverages)Fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit, fruit juices, dairy products, and honeyFresh fruit and fresh vegetables productsFresh vegetable productsFresh fruit juicesFresh vegetables(fresh fruit)Fresh fruit(fresh vegetables and fruit products)Organic fruit juicesFruits, vegetables (including strawberries, cantaloupes, and mangoes), fresh vegetables (frozen fruit, cucumbers, apples, and avocados), and vegetables juicesFresh fruits (fresh fruits)Fresh juices(fresh fruits and fresh vegetable products)Other fresh fruit juicesOther fruits and vegetable products(fresh produce and fresh veggies products)Dry fruits, fruits (including raspberries, plums, nectarines, and strawberries), fruit juices(diced fruit, juices of citrus fruit, grapefruit, peach, and tropical fruits)Cotton and cotton-based foods(cotton, cottonseed, cotton oil, and sugar cane)Cookies and other online and offline services (e-commerce)Cooking classes(cooking classes)(cookies)Food stamp recipie familiesThe 10 most popular groups of food stamps recipies are:Low income single adults, single mothers, and parents who work part timeFood stamp recipients living with two adults or childrenFood stamp household with two childrenFood stamps recipients living aloneChildren and adults who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program food stamps (SNAP)Children and families receiving SNAPChildren and their families receiving Supplemental Nutrition Support Program food assistanceChildren and parents receiving SNAP children who live with a child Food stamp recipiers who receive SNAP food assistance recipients living in a household where one or both parents work part-timeChildren receiving SNAP food Assistance children receiving SNAP SNAP food aid children living with parents who are unemployedChildren receiving Supplemental Food Assistance Program children living in households where both parents are unemployed, or those receiving SNAP assistance food assistance for an unmarried adult, or receiving SNAP help for a child living with a single parent or a parent with a disabilityFood stamp families who have at least

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