Macofar gas filling machine goes online, supplies CO2 to gas stations

Macofarm, Iowa, is one of just a few cities in the U.S. where gas stations have started to fill gas tankers, instead of refilling them, with CO2 instead of fuel.

The gas station, located at the intersection of Route 1 and North Main Street in Macofarl, Iowa , is the first gas station in Iowa to make the switch.

The station has been in operation for about a year, and has become popular with residents.

A few other smaller stations in the region have already installed gas pumps, and Macofarr is among the few remaining that has not.

“We are very excited to be able to do this,” said Lisa Macofaron, the station’s director.

“Gas is a very important part of our local economy.

I think this will really help keep our economy going.”

The gas station’s owner, Dan Macofarp, said that the change to gas instead of oil would not be permanent.

“As long as we continue to produce a product that is safe, efficient and clean, we are going to keep doing this,” he said.

The station’s owners are not the only ones who are changing their methods.

In the last several years, more than 100 companies in the United States have switched to using natural gas instead or some form of liquid fuel, according to the Natural Gas Alliance.

It’s estimated that the gas industry in the US has lost more than 1.4 million jobs in the last decade.

The American Gas Association estimates that about one-third of all new gas plants are in California and Texas.

The other three states that rely heavily on natural gas are Florida, New York and Colorado.

In Iowa, the state is not only a major producer of natural gas, but is also a top consumer of the fuel.

In addition to the gas stations, many businesses in Macon have become natural gas dependent.

For example, a gas station and restaurant in the small town of Macon is owned by the company that owns the gas station.

“Our customers are very happy with us,” said Mike Smith, owner of the restaurant, The House of Blues.

“When we buy gas, we pay the same price as we do today.”

But many people are not happy with the change.

“This is going to make us poorer, not better,” said Greg Mazzola, who owns the barber shop, The Mazzolas.

Mazzolini, who is an independent contractor, said he is not sure what he will do if his business isn’t a gas or electric station.

He has been working for The House Of Blues for four years, and the business has been struggling financially, but he’s hopeful that the switch will help him and his business.

“I would prefer to stay in the gas business, but it’s a different business,” Mazzoli said.

“You have to go with the flow.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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