India to buy India-made brush filling machines

India is set to acquire the Chinese company Indigel, an Indian firm that has developed an engine to power its brush filling machine.

The company, which is owned by China’s Dalian Wanda Group, said Thursday that it will buy Indigels brush filling engine for about $9 billion.

India currently produces only two kinds of brush-filling machines: one that has a vacuum tube that turns on automatically to fill the machine and another that is controlled by a remote control that is used to change the speed of the machine.

India has also built a brush-and-pump-like machine for its farmers that uses water and sand to fill it.

India is seeking to expand its capacity of brush filling, which accounts for about 15% of the world’s annual production.

The new engine is designed to operate in dry weather.

It will be used for a number of purposes, including in the manufacturing of solar-powered vehicles.

Indigell is the latest Indian company to buy Indian machinery and technology to boost its manufacturing capacity, as it seeks to increase its competitiveness.

India will also use the engine to produce the brush-pumping unit that can be used in the electric vehicle industry.

Indigenys new brush-filled electric vehicle, called the Indiges Brush-Pumping Engine, has been designed to reduce emissions and improve vehicle efficiency, according to Indigeneys website.

The Indigenys Brush-Filling Engine can be powered by up to 12 batteries and can provide up to 40 kW (65 horsepower) of power.

India’s Bharat Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries Ltd., a unit of India’s state-owned petroleum giant Petrochemicals Ltd., will use the Indigeny engine to make its own electric vehicles, the company said in a statement.

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