“Bionic arm that works like a pen”: How the technology could transform healthcare

The US military has developed a device that is the size of a pen, but can write in real time.

The new arm is called the BioBionic Pen, and it has been used by troops and soldiers for about a year.

The pen is part of the US Army’s “Bionics for the Soldier” program, which aims to develop a new generation of robotic arms and prosthetic limbs.

The BioBionics arm is made of two separate components: a sensor that detects whether the user is holding a pen and a processor that automatically generates the appropriate stroke commands based on the user’s hand movement.

This way, the user can quickly learn how to use the pen, using its small size and relatively powerful sensors.

The arm was developed at the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAID), part of NIH.

The researchers have previously demonstrated that they can detect a user’s muscles and connect them to the device via a neural network, which can then read and interpret data.

In addition, the bio-powered pen can be programmed to perform various actions in a way that minimizes the need for manual control.

“We are able to use robotics technology to deliver real-time actions that are more accurate, more accurate than ever before,” said Dr. Paul E. Hannon, who leads the BioPharm project at NIAID.

The device is now being tested in field trials at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and at Fort Benning, Georgia.

The bio-mechanical pen is a joint project between the US military and the University of Florida.

The Army has been working on its BioPharma for years, but the BioBot is the first device that can write directly to the brain and the muscles of a human.

The first BioPharms have been used for military applications in Afghanistan and Iraq, but they’ve been plagued by problems.

In March, a soldier died from a heart attack after the device failed to complete a stroke.

Another BioPhARM died in February after a soldier suffered a stroke while using it.

The army has been testing the biobot for several months.

In a press release, the Army said the biopharm is currently in the clinical trials phase.

The military hopes to use it to replace manual control with a combination of human and robotic movements.

The Pentagon has also been testing biobots for use in the battlefield, and its first bio-bot was used to help soldiers deal with severe traumatic brain injury.

Bio-bots have been tested in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the US government is planning to start using bio-bots in some areas in 2018.

For example, bio-bots can detect the presence of explosives and provide soldiers with quick access to medical supplies.

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