‘We don’t want you to get the gutter’: How the National Gas Commission is trying to force you to buy its gas

DCP filling machines are used to fill gas stations with gas that you then need to fill up your vehicle. 

The machines are often used to supply gas to the homes of people living in the same area. 

But in California, a bill in the Assembly would make it illegal to buy or sell a DCP filled gas station.

The bill passed the Assembly on Thursday. 

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the bill would make a gas station owner liable for all damages and fees incurred by customers who enter the gas station after paying for gas. 

“We don`t want you…to get the gas gutter,” Assemblywoman Lisa A. Frankel (D-San Diego) said during a floor debate on the bill, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

A bill similar to the one proposed by Frankel has been proposed in the California Senate. 

Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner (D, San Diego) told reporters on Wednesday that she had the “opposition team” lined up and that it was expected to pass the Assembly by the end of the week. 

While the bill has garnered widespread opposition, it has also been championed by gas companies. 

As of February 2017, the state had more than 4,500 gas stations that had gas filling machines, according to the Gas Department of California. 

In response to the bill’s passage, GasCoalition said it would appeal the ruling to the US Supreme Court.

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