‘Sack filling machine’ at Pune’s Dainik Jagrani temple in India

Pune, India – Sack-filling machines are everywhere in the Indian capital.

They are ubiquitous in places like the Taj Mahal and the Taj Guest House.

Even in the city’s old slums, which are not very well-maintained, you can buy a sack-filled machine from the city-state’s largest retailer, Suntour.

In the modern day, there are so many of them that you need a special licence to purchase one.

You also need a permit.

But when you go to a Pune temple for a sack filling ceremony, you will find no machines.

Sakshida Bhawan Pune is not the only temple in Pune where you can’t buy a machine, and the only ones that have them are for the Sikhs of the Pune region.

The Pune-based Sikh temple has a sack filled machine, but the Sikhara Gurdwara, a small building on a small street in Pulkada, has no such machines. 

A Sikh leader has launched a petition against the Pumans decision to prohibit Sikhs from using the machine, alleging that it violates their religious and cultural beliefs.

“I was at my prayer service with a family member when I realised that the machine was not available for me to use,” Sohrab Singh, president of the Sikh Sangat, told The Hindu.

At the Pukhudis Gurdwaras in Puntland, the Sankar Varshan, who is responsible for the Pundapur area, said he was aware that there were machines available.

He had to take a special license to buy a device.

After being asked by a newspaper reporter why he did not use the machine at the Pugtah Pundar, he said he had to consult the temple.

Singh said the decision to ban the Sikhas from using a sack machine was a violation of Sikh beliefs.

“Sakhs are not allowed to go inside the premises of the temple and the machines cannot be brought inside.

This is against our religion,” he said.

Sakhas use a sack to fill their water buckets, but unlike the Sikh machines, they do not fill the bucket themselves.

It is against their beliefs to make offerings, but not to fill it.

According to the Puhadas Gurdawat, which is the governing body for the Sikh temple, there were more than 600 Sikhs in Pumacal village, where the Sikha Gurdar is located.

“In Pukhs Gurdat, we do not use any machines.

It is a matter of personal preference.

They have to go through the Guru Granth Sahib. 

There is no way we can allow machines,” said a Sikh leader who did not want to be named.

If you have an idea about how the Sikhi community is faring, please write to us at [email protected]

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