What is the ‘Pallavi’?

The ‘Pillav’ is a ‘pallav’ machine that is commonly used in various hospitals in the country.

The machines have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, as a cheap and easy way to administer tests for COVID-19, and they are now being used by over 20,000 doctors across the country to assess COVID patients.

But the device is also being used to treat some patients who are dying of COVID.

The ‘Pilav’ machines have been used by the medical community in various states to test the immune system of patients, which has become a common practice after coronavirus hit the country last year.

In India, the machines are often used to diagnose patients with severe COVID, like those who are suffering from pneumonia or who have developed respiratory failure.

The Pilav is an open-faced machine that consists of two arms.

One arm is used to scoop out COVID samples, and the other arm can collect samples of the COVID virus and send them to the laboratory, where they are tested for COVD-19.

The two arms are also connected to a scanner, which allows them to be used to test for COV-1, and to check the blood and urine of the patients.

The ‘pilavs’ machines are also used to collect COVID blood samples.

While the machines can be used by all medical professionals, in the case of some patients, a doctor will be asked to take the ‘pillav machine’ out and place it in the open-face container in the hospital.

Then, they will administer the test and the results will be recorded on the medical record.

The doctor will also collect the COV virus and keep it in a separate container.

In the case that a doctor performs the test, they can also administer the ‘pillav’ and collect samples from the patient’s blood.

However, the process is very different from that of the other tests.

‘Piliav machines’ are very different to the tests performed by doctors and nurses.

They are meant to be an aid to diagnose COVID infection and to gather the COVE-19 blood samples, but in this case, it is a completely different procedure.

The tests performed at the ‘pelvav’ are usually done at a private hospital in the city, where the tests are done under sterile conditions, according to the Medical Council of India (MCI).

The machines are operated by a doctor or a nurse who is accompanied by a ‘pelav machine operator’, who is a medical doctor.

The patient will then wear a protective mask to prevent any airborne virus from entering their lungs.

The doctor is also required to be trained to perform the tests and record the results.

But it seems that the doctors in the state have not done enough to educate themselves about COVID and have not been keeping records of what is being done, according the Medical Practitioners Council of Bengal (MPBC).

According to the MPBC, in several states, medical officers have not taken up the issue of COV tests.

In addition to the coronaviruses, the ‘plav’ can be a test for the ‘COVID-2’ or the ‘CVD-20’, which are respiratory infections that are more prevalent in people who live in remote areas.

However in this country, the presence of the respiratory illnesses has also been attributed to the COVR-19 outbreak.

The MPBC has also called for the introduction of a nationwide test that would be performed at private hospitals to test COVID cases and their prognosis.

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